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With 20 years professional experience in the corporate, private and not-for-profit sectors my leadership abilities have contributed to strategy, innovation, product development, growth, business establishment & development and operational effectiveness.

I have a relational approach and prefer to address underlying systemic issues to bring about long term sustainable outcomes rather than quick, process driven improvements.

I provide a positive influence to the organisation(s) that I work for and the people that I interact with and through those channels contribute to a better world.

I’m interested in and motivated by

  • business making a positive contribution to the world
  • a hands on approach that’s focussed on outcomes and delivery of change, not just a strategy or assessment.
  • values based organisations and the alignment between values, culture, structure and purpose
  • education and learning for the purpose of opportunity and fulfillment in life
  • the integration/alignment of work and life
  • visualisation of data to derive meaning and knowledge
  • the application of technology for the purpose of enhancing life and work