What are the benefits of a Business Coach?

by Derek Winter


It will come as no surprise that in recent research three of the five skills identified as most critical for leaders in the future are:

  • managing change
  • coaching and developing others. 
  • Executing organisational strategy

and yet (the same research shows) few leaders rate themselves or their organisations as effective in these area’s.

In this context the question of how to assist leaders to be effective is at the forefront of grappling with how organisations will continue to succeed into the future. The question is, can coaching help, and if so how. Needless to say, I’m staking a claim to suggest that it can and in fact does. Being coached can have both ‘soft’ benefits as well as ‘bottom line’ business value. For example, being coached ...

  • has a positive impact on the psychological health of leaders
  • helps people increase emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • improves confidence and self-awareness, enabling people to respond to personal challenges
  • increases the effectiveness of feedback

Coaching also ...

  • helps people set and reach goals
  • maximises the effectiveness of training courses & leadership development activities significantly
  • improves leadership & management capability, thus creating a cascading improvement in performance down to the teams they manage.
  • improves team effectiveness and builds high performing teams

Fundamentally, coaching is a strong driver for improving personal, and therefore, organisational performance. Its whole focus is on improving performance.

If you’d like to know more about the background to any of these specific statements, let me know and I can point you to some more in depth reading (or assist!).

I engaged Derek to work with our Customer Service team to build a culture of collaboration, trust and cohesion. Derek worked with the team and the team leaders using workshops, group and individual coaching over a period of a year where they were provided with tools and techniques to address issues, solve problems and improve relationships.

There has been noticeable improvement within the team which was experiencing tumultuous period of change and restructuring. They gained as a result resilience, confidence and inter-dependence which led to improved performance and much better outlook for the future.
— Dalal Smiley Manager, Community Planning and Customer Service, Darebin City Council