Keep it Simple

by Derek Winter

I’ve recently started working for myself and one of the realities that I’ve grappled with in that transition is the need to communicate with people who I am and what I can offer. There have been many occasions when I’ve considered starting a blog and yet never quite made it here, yet a blog is a straightforward, accessible way of representing who I am and what I can do. Over the years I’ve debated with myself the need for one, whether I have the ability to keep one going, whether I have anything worthwhile saying and even if I did whether I could get the message across successfully. All of which contributed to never actually getting started.

Today however a well worn statement heard many times by all of us stuck with me and motivated my to start. “Keep it simple”. Not for the first time, I’d probably over-analysed the whole idea of a blog and my capabilities and let that get in the way of starting. So in the interest of “Keeping it Simple”, this is a low-key start (no social media announcements), a low-tech start (no fancy themes, widgets or integration), a low-commitment start (no guarantee’s of the number of posts), a low-strategy start (no elaborate plan of content or purpose)

In reflecting on this, I realise that this is common sense, but the “Keep it Simple” mantra applies in so many facets of our lives and yet perhaps particularly in this day and age we so often complicate things that don’t need to be complicated. Although I hadn’t thought about it this way previously, this is central to the current journey I’m on. It’s easy to try to over-strategise and over-think things, but when it boils down to it I’m motivated to have a positive influence to the organisations that I work for and the people that I interact with and through those channels contribute to a better world. Simple.