Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman is famously quoted as arguing that,

“…our ability to manage ourselves and handle relationships [Emotional Intelligence] matters twice as much as IQ”.

Based on our work with many organisations, we’d have to agree with the face value of this. People’s capacity to understand themselves, appreciate the impact of their emotions on their own and other’s behaviour and their competency in managing emotions, seem to make a profound difference to their success over the long term. Whenever we engage with a group of people in the workplace, it doesn’t take long for issues relating to EI to surface.

Among the most widely acclaimed framework for assessing and developing EI in Australia is the locally developed Genos Emotional Intelligence® which is based on behaviours associated with 7 dimensions:

  • Emotional Self Awareness
  • Emotional Expression
  • Emotional Awareness of Others
  • Emotional Reasoning
  • Emotional Self Management
  • Emotional Management of Others
  • Emotional Self-Control

Ergo has a team of consultants that are accredited in the use of the Genos® tool. We have found the quality of the development reports a tremendous asset in developing leadership effectiveness.