There are idea's that inspire, experiences that linger and opportunities that are/were formative. This page is the place where I want to pay tribute to those things along the way. Follow the links below for more...


I had the privilege to first work for Paul Steele at Managed Business Outcomes from 2004 and then re-launched the business as Ergo Consulting with Col Duthie a few years later. The way in which MBO and Ergo operated came to be defined in our Participations Behaviors. A set of principles which I believe will stand the test of time and are worth capturing.


At their core, Agile methodologies are about values and culture and placing people at the centre of the solutions we develop. The Agile Manifesto has been a foundation to my approach to software development since the mid-90's (before it even had a name).


I have used the tagline "Helping People and Organisations get out of (unproductive) Ruts and into (effective) Grooves" for some time to describe the heart of what I do and what I like to do. The 'source' of this came from the core of Ergo's "Understand, Transform, Empower" methodology which was the process that we used to determine the behavioural changes necessary to get organisations out of ... unproductive ruts into productive grooves and which I still apply to my work today. The ruts & grooves concept is unpacked further on the linked page.