I've been fortunate to work with some great people and organisations. Here's some comments from recent engagements, (both during my time at Ergo and more recently). 

Derek is an extremely talented and experienced professional. In fact he’s one of the best I’ve worked with, both here in Melbourne and in the UK. Despite his varied and numerous abilities, he is extremely humble and constantly seeking to learn new things.

In our time together at MYOB he was one of the very few people from whom I would seek advice and coaching. I learned a great deal from him, not least in how to take a steadily pace approach to organisational change.

Derek’s calm and measured manner allows him to be highly effective at achieving outcomes through influencing folks at all levels of an organisation, including the C-suite.

I would highly recommend Derek for any organisation looking to dramatically improve the way they operate, and would be delighted to get the chance to work with him again.
— Neil Killick, Global Lead Agile Coach, MYOB
As part of a business change and growth strategy, Macutex engaged Derek from August 2014 to January 2015 to assist on a number of fronts. This included an operational performance review, market and key account analysis, and mentoring of executive staff. The time working with Derek and derived outcomes have allowed us to see and make decisions through a different lens, with wide reaching benefits.
— Nathan Edwards, Managing Director, Macutex
Derek worked on an engagement where he had to step into an Agile project at a critical time whilst another MetaPM consultant was on extended leave. He was able to blend into the group seamlessly and work within the client reporting processes and drive the project forward. Derek is engaging and pragmatic. He can blend technical and business needs of project delivery to achieve a client’s objectives.
— Tamara Boldiston, Client Services Director, MetaPM
Certus Solutions is engaged on an important enterprise initiative at ANZ to centralise Key Term Repositories ( KTR’s) into a single unified solution using IBM technologies. Some 6 months into this project the project manager had to take extended leave for 7 weeks and Derek was recommended into the role. This was a challenging task made even more so as this was a very technical implementation of IBM’s latest software solution and at a critical Stage Gate point.

Derek rolled up his sleeves and took up the challenge without question which provided Certus with confidence that we could proceed without impediment. Derek bonded with the Certus Team quickly and preformed professionally with the ANZ team that was stretched to meet the next Stage Gate in the project timeline.

While Derek’s time was short l would recommend him to anyone requiring a pragmatic and solid professional.
— Michael Statis, Account Director, Certus Solutions
Derek was recommended to us as someone who could help us with our immediate needs of streamlining our product development, but also his varied experience in business, including owning and running his own software business, would enable him to help in other areas.

Derek has been with us for six months and has successfully introduced an adaption of the Agile Scrum processes to our product development. This transformation has provided the desired outcomes of increasing certainty and quality of delivery.

Now that Derek has a greater understanding of our business we are using him more in a management consulting role around overall business strategy.

His clear thinking, easy manner and insight have been a great asset to Health IQ and I would recommend him as someone who could help any business improve.
— Paul Phelan, CEO, HealthIQ
I had the opportunity to work with Derek in guiding the release of a key global application. As the client and representative of the business I appreciated Derek’s ability to listen and understand our priorities but also recommend and advise on what was achievable and realistic. Together we could decide mutually agreeable goals and once this was the case Derek was able to coach and lead the delivery of those releases in a timely fashion. I appreciated Derek’s ability to comfortably grasp both the technology and business challenges we faced and assist us in making excellent progress.
— Dennis J. Ivancic, Director Sponsorship Business Processes & Systems, World Vision International
Derek was brought on board to help manage development resources during a transition. He quickly came up to speed and provided insight, experience and direction during that period. He handled development teams in four countries, helping to keep the project on track (which was not always the easiest thing to do!).
— Michael Shanebeck, Senior Business Analyst, World Vision International
Derek worked closely with our development team in preparation for release of a key global application. Derek’s leadership during this time was critical to the success of the initiative and I am hopeful to have the opportunity to engage again in the future.
— Kenneth Sizemore, Technical Operations Manager, World Vision International
In the months that he worked with us, Derek partnered with us to get a clear scope of the project, thus managing the work load of the development teams and managing the expectation of the business owner and users.

Also, in discussions with vendors, and in reviewing project documents, he was able to identify gaps that others weren’t able to see. He also asked tough questions that need to be discussed, thus clarifying the project and deliverables. Overall, a positive impact to the project he worked on.
— Sherwin Delfin, Development Team Lead, World Vision International
Derek acted as a mentor and sounding board during my first two years of teaching in the Teach for Australia program. Derek is an active listener and a creative problem solver, and was a valuable support to me during this challenging time.
— Liam McNaughton, Associate, Teach for Australia
I engaged Derek to work with our Customer Service team to build a culture of collaboration, trust and cohesion. Derek worked with the team and the team leaders using workshops, group and individual coaching over a period of a year where they were provided with tools and techniques to address issues, solve problems and improve relationships. There has been noticeable improvement within the team which was experiencing tumultuous period of change and restructuring. They gained as a result resilience, confidence and inter-dependence which led to improved performance and much better outlook for the future.
— Dalal Smiley, Manager, Community Planning and Customer Service, Darebin City Council
Derek was engaged to assist our team with a number of ongoing issues during a period of great change. He showed great insight in quickly identifying the key issues and recommending a plan to address them. With his guidance, we were able to address our key challenges, develop our leaders and move toward building a highly effective team with a greatly improved culture.
— Kate Williamson, Senior Team Leader, Planning Administration, Darebin City Council
Derek PARTNERED with HCMS to develop a new product TalentReady. I have written PARTNERED in caps as Derek shared the risk and offered his expertise willingly to help us create success. Many organisations talk partnering but few demonstrate it like Derek.

I rate his business advice, IT skills, creativity and most importantly common sense. He also has a dry sense oh humour which took me just a little while to appreciate.
— Trevor Vas, CEO Human Capital Management Solutions
When the Melbourne Office of Arup wanted to focus on building and reinforcing our culture of Client Care, we turned to Ergo. We chose Ergo because of their approach, their willingness to listen and their ability to quickly understand Arup, our objectives and our needs. Col and Derek provide an excellent blend of skills that work well together and work well with the culture that is Arup.

Over six months we have had over 40 key leaders of our practice work to understand how we can reinforce a culture of client care within our team. Ergo, through their facilitation of our workshops, provided us simple, effective tools and learnings that we are now apply across the business. Throughout the process Ergo were responsive and adaptive, willing to change and adapt to keep momentum and enthusiasm alive within the process.
— Peter Bowtell, Principal, Arup
In 2011, LINK Learning invited Derek Winter to assist with the delivery of our workforce capability development program, for the ABS. Derek designed and delivered a workshop on Strategic Relationships, as well as coaching some of the ABS leaders and teams. Derek’s excellent communication and professional facilitation style helped to make his workshops very beneficial for all involved. His pleasant and engaging personality was also appreciated by the ABS, especially in the coaching setting.
— David Cohen, Principal, Link Learning
I have been very impressed with the work that Derek and Ergo have done.
— David Freedman, Commercial Director, PNG Sustainable Development Program
Derek was my main strategic IT advisor for a major HR project, with a large APS Department (Dept. of Defence). Derek and his team were responsible for a significant IT build, which allowed us to pilot a new HR model that relates to APS Job Families and Capability Frameworks. Derek and his team were first-class and thorougly professional at all times. They walked us through the design, development and testing stages with ease, thanks to some clever intellectual property they possess. The result was a seamless release, ‘above expectation’ participation and a very happy client.
— David Cohen, Principal, Link Learning
Derek is a brilliant facilitator of group process, attentive to detail, strategic and knowledgeable on matters of governance (where it counts at the coal-face). During his time as Chair of the NewHope Baptist Church Preschool (2005-2010) we saw the Preschool grow, become clearer about it mission and more aligned with its stakeholders, develop better financial systems and begin a process of significant constitutional revision. Derek served us very well and facilitated a smooth transition to his successor.
— Allan Demond, Senior Pastor, NewHope Baptist Church
Derek is well versed in facilitation skills with good ability to adapt to suit the moment. In particular, his facilitation is very pointed at the role of the participants, true to the brief provided (development of program). He reads the audience well “in the moment” and can adjust to enhance participation and/or return participants focus. As a facilitator of various staff development programs, Derek has been very diligent in his understanding of material, how said material fits/enhances other methodologies and the philosophy behind the material.
— Nicole O’Shanassy, Operations Support Manager – World Vision Australia
Ergo helped us design an approach, process and methodology of collecting this data from our teams in a confidential, unobtrusive, effortless and timely manner. We have been measuring the ‘health’ of our team for the last 4 years together with Ergo’s support, coaching and guidance. Ergo and Derek have consistently provided this team with professional services, insightful feedback on how we are performing and have helped facilitated some tricky conversations across all levels within the team.
— Natalie Gillam, Head of Supporter Services, Organisation Effectiveness, World Vision Australia
Rimfire has used Ergo Consulting and particularly Derek as our point of contact for many years. I would highly recommend Derek as someone to talk to regarding commercial IT business solutions. His ability to be the bridge between commercial and technical in regard to business applications is the reason we continue to utilise his services.
— Nigel Crawley, Director, Rimfire Resources
In his facilitation of the DPI Knowledge, Information and Technology Annual Planning and Investment Workshops (2008 and 2009) Derek has shown good understanding of group dynamics and engagement approaches. He has developed a sound knowledge of government process and exhibited an ability to track the mood of a group and bring focus to agreed objectives. We have benefitted from his willingness to provide astute advice in relation to the construction of an effective agenda.
— Stephen Northey, Strategic Analyst – Department of Primary Industries
After working with Derek on a number of projects, I can highly recommend him for anyone looking for help in how to draw the best out of their team and organisation as a whole.

Working with Ergo Consulting, Derek posses the mental models required to see past simple problem-solution issues and focus on the strategic causes of problems and the intent required to move an organisation towards productive change. I would, and have recommended, his services anytime.
— Steve Hopkins
Derek is a pleasure to work with & takes the time firstly to understand, then shape a practical solution which, in our case, has shown to be robust & beyond expectations
— Ashley Whittington, Director, Separator Technology Solutions
Derek is a talented leader, and is a deft applier of practical thought.

Working with Derek was a pleasure and I’d welcome the opportunity to do it again.
— Todd Kimpton
Derek consulted to Arup on a number of occasions on a range of issues and in every case he provided useful and valued insights to the workings of our organisation and how to drive change and development. He is personable and friendly and I particularly valued his willingness to go beyond the demands of formal contractual relationships to offer advice.
— Andrew Wisdom, Principal, Arup