At Ergo we developed a simple but powerful methodology that applied across the range of services called UTE: understand, transform, empower.

Phase 1: Understand


Every organisation is unique in both its people and systems. Therefore, there is no single, off-the-shelf solution or approach that will work for everyone. It is critical to gain an understanding of the uniqueness of each business before making any recommendations toward designing and implementing a solution. Experience has clearly demonstrated that the investment in understanding made up front will save time, cost and frustration during the implementation stage.


Phase 2: Transform


The behaviour of people and the systems in which they operate become ingrained; therefore changing them is not easy, even when there is collective desire. In the context of deep understanding, it is important to determine what the key behavioural changes are that will lever the most effect in the direction of better outcomes. This could range from people management skills coaching to the development of a new IT system.



Phase 3: Empower


It is one thing to agree on what needs to happen, and to take the first committed steps in that direction. It is entirely another thing to maintain the discipline to behave differently when the normal pressures of life and our personal tendencies kick in. I therefore work alongside leaders to support them in the implementation of the new trajectory toward better outcomes.